Gary Gruenberg, the Director of Commemorative Coin and Bullion of MGM

Gary Gruenberg, the Director of Commemorative Coin and Bullion of MGM Bullion’s Bullion Buying, Trading Platform Notes the Rise of the Price of Gold Recently Due to the Global Uncertainty of Government Stimulus Debt

The U.S. Government stimulus bills signed today in Congress and last month have contributed to peoples’ interest in Gold lately. Gold is on a climb since 2014 with a recent high. The second government stimulus in the last two months has now added to the government debt of 23 trillion. Gold is historically looked at as a hedge against inflation and currency debasement.


Gary Gruenberg, the Director of Commemorative Coin and Bullion at MGM Bullion, has a passion for gold and precious medals, and he feels that now is the best time to give even more options to consumers in the bullion market. He just launched MGM Bullion’s Bullion Buying, Trading Platform ​at www.mgmbullion.comCustomers can securely buy, store and sell bullion coins directly from the MGM Vault.

The U.S. Congress has not shown any fiscal constraint to bring down the national debt. Because of the worldwide pandemic and the clamor to bail out individuals and businesses, the U.S. Congress has passed two stimulus bills which are hundreds of billions of dollars. The concern is that as the national debt increases, the value of the U.S. Dollar will go down. The U.S. Dollar could risk high inflation in the years to come.

MGM Bullion brings the Bullion market to the average consumer. Precious metal buyers want updated live prices for gold and silver, so they can find a price to and sell and protect their hard-earned wealth, while our U.S. Government spends the U.S. Dollar without restraint.

MGM Bullion offers a line of Gold Bullion products on its page which can be found on the menu: Gold Bars, Gold Britannia, Gold Buffalos, Gold Coins, Gold Coronas, Gold Eagles, Gold Kangaroos, Gold Krugerrands, Gold Libertad, Gold Lunar Horses, Gold Maple Leafs and Gold Mexican Pesos.

Silver Bullion items can be found on such as Silver Australian, Silver Bars, Silver Buffalos, Silver Coins, Silver Eagles, Silver Liberties, Silver Maple Leafs, Silver Monster Box, Silver Pandas, and Silver Philharmonics.​​

After completing a transaction, customers may choose to have the coins delivered to their home through an insured postal service, or store to their gold coins in “The Vault,” the MGM Bullion’s on-site precious metal storage facility.

“The MGM Vault is the only Vault to enable customers anywhere in the world to arrange secure, on-site storage directly with the mint, at any time of day or night,” Gary Gruenberg says.



Consumers are looking for other alternatives to the U.S. Dollar to preserve their wealth, as Congress just passes a 484 billion 2nd Stimulus relief package, only adding to our national debt with no plan to pay down the debt.



MGM hopes the site appeals to “the average consumer,” building on a growth in demand for MGM bullion coins. They are Exempt from Sales Tax in the US.
MGM Bullion is responsible for this press release.