Gary D. Gruenberg

Grun Art, Inc. and Ideas By Design are all owned by Gary Gruenberg

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Who is Gary Gruenberg?

Gary Gruenberg graduated college, met his wife, got married and began multiple business – all in the Southern Florida area.  Gruenberg has been a businessman for 4 decades. Buying and selling in global markets taught him that adaptability is the key to staying successful.  As the tides changed, his business model flexed.  This flexibility made Gary Gruenberg a successful businessman that continued to evolve when selling in the fashion and beauty industries continued to change. For the last 25 years, Gary Gruenberg has been involved in internet marketing and online sales of many different perfumes and accessories.

A Closer Look at Gary Gruenberg

Gary Gruenberg spent most of his career as a distributor of name brand fashion accessories and perfumes.  As a true family man with traditional values, he is proud that he has been able to provide for his family with his business ventures.  Behind the successful business is always a dedicated person that is driven by their values and the support of their family and community.

Proud Floridian

Gary Gruenberg has been a resident of South Florida since childhood.  He graduated from high school in North Miami beach in the early 70s. He proudly attended the University of Florida.  After getting married, he chose to move to Aventura to begin his family. Passionate about his community, Gary Gruenberg has lived in Aventura for almost 40 years and loves enjoying what the area has to offer.

Family Man

Gruenberg met his wife of 37 years at Florida’s own Cricket Club.  After a year of courtship, the two were wed at the Miami Hilton on Brickell Avenue.  They traveled to Italy for their honeymoon where they would land their first international business deal.  After starting their business, they also started a family and were blessed with two children.  While running multiple businesses, Gruenberg and his wife remained present in their children’s lives and agreed to use their entrepreneurship as an opportunity to teach their children the value of a hard days work.

A Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Gary Gruenberg is a spirited entrepreneur that takes advantages of the opportunities life gives him.  On his honeymoon in Italy, he attended a fashion show in Milan.  There he struck a deal to bring two clothing and fashion accessory lines to the USA.  True to his entrepreneur spirit, he began an additional venture at the same time which also grew to international status.  He continued to work with international companies throughout his career.  Today he utilizes internet marketing to expand the reach of his products and services worldwide.

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