Business and Accomplishments

Most recently

Gary Gruenberg has focused on internet marketing and online sales of products and services.  Since the early 90s, Gary has sold various different products in online stores and marketplaces.  After spending much of his time doing in person sales, he saw growth in the online sales space. Since then he has sold perfumes, sunglasses, fashion accessories and jewelry in a variety of online shops.

In the 90s

When in store sales of perfume and fashion products became a harder business to turn profit in, Gary worked with a telecom company to generate the sales of another product.  In this business Gary was able to help international clients with selling them long distance phone services at a more affordable rate.  During his time selling these services, he was able to save his clients between upwards of 50% on their long distance calls.  After 10 years, the long distance calling needs of clients were diminishing and Gary moved more full time to online marketing and sales.

In the 80s

Starting at a fashion show in Milan, Gary Gruenberg began his climb up the ladder of success in the fashion industry.  After distributing a clothing and accessory lines across the US, Gruenberg knew he would be successful in his commerce endeavors. With that hard earned confidence,he opened a hand-painted t-shirt and sweatshirt line that was sold in department and boutique stores. Gruenberg used the experience that he gained during the early 80s to start a brand name perfume and sunglasses business.  In that business, he traveled the world to bring the best products he found back to the US market to sell them to department stores and small boutiques across the nation.